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dropship /lakehouse
(replace your Guru w/ AI Discord Bots)

An e-Commerce Program
That takes itself...

Take a Sneak Peek

Performance Coaching Evolution

A better way is here, it's simple:

Our AI's are Programmed..
to Take the Program for you...

The Guru Model

A Vicious Cycle

Buy Endless Coaching

The Broken Guru Model...

  • 01

    Their "Program"

    - 6-12 months
    - $5-10K course
    - Try to Learn how to do product pages & ads like your guru
    - Which you won't.. & still takes 12 hrs per
    - Outdated and broke by time you finish learning

  • 02

    Their Grift

    - You Spend $1000s & 100+ hrs testing
    - 5-10% get lucky
    - Enough to give you hope
    - Guru spends your $ on ads to bait next 100

  • 03

    Their Upsell

    - Gurus run quantum funnel mechanics
    - Trying to hook you into next mastermind, agency, or another program

The Next Model

Best & Cheap Lifetime Coaching

Low Credit Minimums

Our Model...
w/ Tech

  • 01

    A Program, that's also a Program.

    - Easy, Cheap $50/mo or $500/yr
    - 100+ hrs of Video
    - 1000+ Pages of PDFs, Guides & Instructions
    - All New Coaching, Case Studies & Templates Monthly
    - Bots already do every module or template better than any human
    - A Programmed Programmable Program

  • 02

    0 Grift...
    0 Promises..
    Just Good Code, Marketing & AI.

    - 0 (not 6) months of memorization
    - 0 (not 10) hours for bots to run program on 1 product to test
    - bots retrain on new templates
    - Took: $5K & 6mo to learn how to do pages/ads in 12 hrs
    - Now: Do all that Day 1
    - 1000X Your Pace & Probability
    -0 Pressure or Credit Minimums

  • 03

    Same Upsell
    We'll Earn it.

    -We're not interested in big course margins, we sell useful credits
    - Less than $1 in credits for bots to execute the program on a product
    - Spend All Your Time & Money Optimizing Ads, like a General
    - Stop being a soldier and doing discord botwork
    - Take a nap, let python & AI do the math!
    - When the time comes, invest in credits & establish data superiority

Product Profile: Your Periodic Table of Marketing

(10 Starter Elements to build Copy & Templates)

  • Demographics

  • Pains

  • Desires

  • Wants

  • Benefits

  • Features

  • Differentiators

  • Instructions

  • Specifications

  • Objections





















You'll Learn & Leverage them
But let the bots find & use them..

.. so they can concept

build with / for you...


How to Learn & Maximize 🧠

πŸ₯· Offload Memory & Compute

πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Hey Einstein, β€œWhat is the speed of sound?”

β€œI don’t know. I don’t burden my memory with such facts that I can easily find in any textbook.” πŸ”‘

Your Textbook is anything & everything πŸ“²

πŸ‘£Β 5 Steps Ahead &Β Always Learning..

Your Textbook is your /lakehouse 🏞️

And a Lakehouse 🧱

πŸ₯£ /reference:
Fetch, Memorize, Forget

Here's some Program Processes:

- Lots of CSVs / Google Sheets...
AKA Python Pandas Dataframes
(common language between us & AI's)

  • Learning Accelerator

  • Testing Scheduler

  • Product Calculator

  • Product Profile

  • Angle Correlation

  • Formulaic Copywriting

  • Funnel Templating

  • Video Ad Templating

  • Categorical Targeting

Learning AcceleratorLearning Accelerator


Testing SchedulerTesting Scheduler


Product CalculatorProduct Calculator


Product ProfileProduct Profile


Angle CorrelationAngle Correlation


Formulaic CopywritingFormulaic Copywriting


Funnel TemplatingFunnel Templating


Video Ad TemplatingVideo Ad Templating


Categorical TargetingCategorical Targeting


Limited Private Beta

/apply for dropship /lakehouse Private Beta

You've also been invited to /join the Free Facebook Group.

  • 01

    45-Day Pre-Launch Bootcamp

    -(perfect for dropshippers, especially w/ Agency Aspirations)
    - Lifetime Access for only $1,000
    - 20hrs Video Content Gets you up to speed for bot mastery

    - Only time Lifetime Access will be offered

  • 02

    $200 Bonus Credits.. at Cost

    - $200 "Admin Credits" at AWS Cost
    - Fire Campaigns w/ high performance assets in real-time
    - Just like me in the case studies

    - Use my cheat codes, I get video testimonial when you hit winner

  • 03

    AI "Botanist" Mini-Bootcamp

    -Bonus: Bot Training Series & Access to my Private App to Train and/or Monetize them
    - Surprises: maybe the POD Store Generator I Coded in 2023 πŸ₯·

    - Train your own cheat codes & push to all /lakehouse members as a /command...
    Start your Ecom Automation Agency, before the big launch

It's ok if you're a newbie, keep your $.. Just Relax
& /join the Best Free Facebook Group since 2018.

(Too many options causes uncertainty & stress.. Gurus can smell it...
0 Magic. Every thing on the Internet is Data, Learn to Navigate & Analyze it πŸ‘‡ )

Have a preview of this Case Study I recently uploaded to my group,
where I took my last program live on camera,
started a new store..

βš–οΈ then scaled it into a $100K/mo Curly Hair Niche Brand...
🐣 & A Clip of the 1st time I did it back in 2016!

(0 snake oil, but I got you covered on Shampoo lol
& A beginner-friendly $50/mo offer after 45 Days)

πŸ’Ž But if you're an experienced dropshipper, here's why this offer is scarcer than diamonds πŸ’ :
I've taught 1000s since 2017, some of today's biggest Gurus (Sorry!), 100s of testimonials in my Group..

Without the bots, it's already the best program.

πŸ₯· Except I wrote every single line, of all the programs.

Every line of PDFs, Ads Strategy, Copywriting, Instructions, CSVs,
🐍 Python, SQL, JS, CSS, HTML, Ubuntu, AWS, Openai, Meta API, Weight, Bias, Etc...

Every single line, database table & AI Dataset, would have been different.
If I were just a full-time full-stack programmer, and not also capable of profitable acquisition
w/ bare hands🦢& Ads Manager UI πŸ–₯πŸ‘†

Code writes Code Now, AI's train AI's. It's Already been the best e-Commerce Program.
But now It takes itself...

Leave the Gurus Behind,
& Unlock a World of Endless Possibilities...

By operating like a General, instead of a Guru's soldier, and reclaiming your time.

πŸ“š Study Ecom.
Try /lakehouse
🏞️ In FREE πŸ₯·
Facebook Group.

- End-to-end Live Case Studies βœ…
- πŸ’° Product Research to $100K/mo Brands

πŸ’» 100+ Video Hrs, Strategies & Methods, since 2018...

πŸ” Learn w/ 11,300+ Dropshippers, Marketers & Ninjas!

πŸ€– Trial /lakehouse bots in Giveaway Posts 🎁

😰 Extremely Demanding
Print-on-Demand AI's πŸ‘€

πŸ’Ž πŸ₯·

Self-training & shipping to /lakehouse labs ↙️
- FB Audience Mapping πŸ‘₯
- ETL 🧠 Conceptors, Editors
- Rankers, Scorers, Sorters 🦾
- Bundlers, Listicles (AOV πŸ“ˆ)
- πŸ‘†, πŸ‘‡ &🀞 Sellers (LTV πŸ“Š)
- πŸ“² Split-Test, Carousel, UTM
- Real-Time Optimizations
- Deepfakes πŸ₯Έβ‰οΈ